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How Lionbridge Enabled a Global Tech Giant to Communicate with Users

Gengo offers smart, flexible translation services to produce high-quality communications with tight turnaround times

When you support millions of people around the world, you must be available at any time, in any language, and for every challenge. Global tech giants, like our customer, face high expectations — users demand a personalized experience, and language is as personal as it gets. To build and retain trust, our customer must anticipate each user's needs, meet challenges in a timely manner, and respond to questions and concerns in the user's own language. 

Gengo, a Lionbridge solution, provides localization into more than 30 languages, allowing for the users to communicate directly with our customer in their own language, ensuring the best possible experience — anywhere, any time. 

The Challenge

Users from around the globe write emails to request support, answers, and advice for products supported by our customer. These emails come from many time zones, and in many languages. 

Initially, our customer chose to use a Machine Translation (MT) solution to translate the content into English. Agents then could write a response in English, using MT to send a message back to their users. However, the MT solution was unable to produce high-quality responses due to the complex nature of our customer's services. 

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The Solution

Lionbridge recommended that the customer use Gengo, a unique translation solution, blended with our proprietary MT in order to achieve the desired level of quality within demanding turnaround times. 

Lionbridge customized the Gengo experience for the customer by establishing tiers of languages based on customer priority. The languages in tier one required a 4-hour turnaround window; those in tier two had a 12-hour window, and all remaining languages were given a 24-hour window.

Style guides and glossaries were layered in to ensure brand consistency in the output. In addition to customizing the MT engine, Lionbridge built a dedicated 24/7 project management team to ensure the program ran smoothly and delivered on time.

The Result

The unique design of the Gengo model, along with the dedicated 24/7 project management team, achieves an on-time delivery rate of over 99% — the most recent quarter saw an on-time delivery rate of 99.6%. On average, in a quarter, Gengo processes 2800 individual cases (emails) for this customer with an average quality score of 98.6%. 

The top languages processed, in order, are as follows: French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (BR). In total, we have processed more than 25 different languages in this program.  

Learn more about the Gengo platform or get in touch with our sales team to see how this self-service platform will help with your business documents.

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