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We help life sciences brands connect with global markets

Emerging and existing markets are expanding rapidly. The clinical trial landscape is broadening. Regulations are growing increasingly complex. Now is the time to partner with a trusted global expert to guide you through the life sciences translation process.

Learn more about Lionbridge Life Science offerings:

Clinical Solutions

Clinical Solutions

Support all phases of clinical trials with SME-level language translation and review services.

Clinical Solutions
Medical Device Solutions

Medical Device Solutions

Take advantage of our deep experience with every aspect of the med device vertical; we can provide proven translation solutions at any phase of your product lifecycle.

Medical Device Solutions
Regulatory Solutions

Regulatory Solutions

With a fully integrated solution and a proven, rigorous process, we can help you provide on-time quality submissions to local regulatory bodies.

Regulatory Solutions
Life Sciences Marketing

Life Sciences Marketing

Get expert in-country marketing translation services for patient recruitment, ad copy, TV, web and radio spots, corporate web content, video localization, production, and more.

Life Sciences Marketing
Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

Let us assist you with comprehensive translation services for employee training, internal communication, legal, M&A, investor relations, press releases, and more.

Corporate Communication

Life Science Translations: Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Risk

Our Practice:

As your company continues to expand globally, effective use of language can determine the difference between success and a missed opportunity. To meet tight deadlines and ensure quality on first delivery, you need the right resources for translation, review, and finalization.

Lionbridge Life Sciences is a practice fully focused on the unique needs of global pharma, medical device, and CRO organizations. Comprised of life sciences career specialists, our quality systems and structure complement the way you do business.

We Offer:

+ Unprecedented scale using only SME-level linguistic and production resources

+ Customer service acknowledged as best in the industry

+ Accuracy and on-time ratings unmatched by competitors

+ Innovative technology at no cost, so you don’t need to purchase expensive and redundant tools, user licenses, and support agreements


    Connecting Brands with Global Markets

    Learn how Lionbridge can help you identify gaps in localization processes and address key challenges to support you through the lifecycle of your Life Science translation needs.

    Life Science

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Life Sciences Case Study

Life Sciences: Case Study


A global pharmaceutical company with operations in 150 countries wanted to reduce its translation and localization service providers from more than 250 to a single source provider. The goal? Reduce costs, increase security, and improve operating efficiencies across its global enterprise.

With a broad range of business requirements--from clinical, regulatory, training, legal, and marketing--the company had fragmented worldwide repositories of content and translation memories. Not only that, there were dealing with an inability to secure confidential proprietary information within their global infrastructure.

We helped them:

  • Create a centralized translation memory platform
  • Develop content access protocols in full compliance with their security requirements
  • Deploy an online service delivery platform to engage, monitor, and report easily and controllably—all at no extra cost
  • Additional translation memory leverage resulted in several million dollars of incremental annual savings
  • A single secure platform now manages all translation projects
  • Client enjoys improved workflows and standardized processes
  • Dedicated translation resources and project management resulted in improved quality and service consistency
  • Navigating Drug Development with Translation Solutions

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    Navigating Drug Development with Translation Solutions

    "Pharmaceutical companies that partner with localization experts at every stage of drug development will experience real advantages in achieving profitability and success."

    Posted June 3, 2016 by Mark Aiello, Vice President and General Manager of Regulated Industries, Lionbridge

  • Effects of Globalization on Universal Pharmaceutical Industry Growth

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    Effects of Globalization on Universal Pharmaceutical Industry Growth

    "Clinical trial activity continues at a furious pace—many of these trials global in scale—with sites not only in the big six growth markets, but also in developing markets with a growing presence of certain diseases, including India and Latin America."

    Posted July 18, 2017 by Pia Soeegaard Andersen, Director, Product Strategy, Life Sciences

  • Going Global: 3 Things Pharma Procurement Pros Should Know

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    Going Global: 3 Things Pharma Procurement Pros Should Know

    "Each day, procurement executives have to come into work prepared to address one key question: How are my suppliers supporting our mission to deliver life-enhancing and lifesaving medicines and therapies to our global patients?"

    Posted April 29, 2016 by John Herzig, Regional Sales Director, Life Sciences, Lionbridge

  • Life Science Localization: Challenges and Trends

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    Life Science Localization: Challenges and Trends

    "To stay competitive in the marketplace, life sciences companies invest tremendous amounts of money to build out new geographic regions. With these large investments, organizations simply cannot afford to make costly missteps in today’s highly opportunistic global market."

    Posted April 1, 2016 by Adriana Beaton, Solution Architect, Lionbridge

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