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Our people are our pride, helping companies resonate with their customers for 20+ years. 

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Smaⁱrt Content™: Language AI That Helps Your Business Grow

Cutting-edge language AI to help you localize everything. Enhance your content, improve your source and target quality, drive better content performance. Deliver better customer engagement, driving higher multimarket growth.

Harness the Power of Language AI to Create Flawless Content

Advancements in AI support the full content lifecycle to help you resonate with your global customers in any language. 

We understand how challenging it is to operate in a digital-first market. You must create more content in more markets more effectively than your competition. Your content needs to target more granular customer groups across many languages and be delivered through a growing number of digital channels. How would you like an easy and effective way to do it? The Smaⁱrt Content solution addresses these challenges by helping you build high-performing content engines that make your content stronger and more appealing to your customers. 

Smaⁱrt Content

How Smaⁱrt Content Enhances Localization

Content Audit & Strategy

Assess your content to determine how well it will be understood and how well it will perform in different markets. Get suggestions for improvement.


Content Creation

Create better content with 120+ content insights that will enable you to produce more engaging and resonant content more easily. 

Terminology & Global Brand Voice

Ensure brand voice and terminology consistency across all your content. Smairt Content can flag the use of inconsistent terminology and identify issues associated with brand and product names. 

Governance & Quality Control

Build safeguards into your content engine to localize each piece of content most efficiently and meet all your requirements.


Localization Efficiency

Increase the velocity of your content engine by leveraging the latest AI technology, which drives automation and speed while driving down costs. Smairt Content tags and scores every piece of content, allowing you to automate workflow, better leverage MT, and find the best linguists for the perfect human touch. 

Smaⁱrt Content for Full Insight Into Your Content and Enhanced Localization

Smaⁱrt Content’s AI-powered algorithms assess, grade, and tag your source content based on 120+ attributes. Our traffic light scorecard identifies issues during every step of the process. This enables you to address issues before sending your content to localization. That way, you avoid costly rework. 

Read How Smaⁱrt Content is Making a Difference

Use Smaⁱrt Content™ to Create Content that Resonates

AI can enhance content quality and help companies build lasting customer relationships. Learn how to achieve these goals with the Smairt Content™ solution.

Reducing Implicit Bias

Both explicit prejudice and more subtle forms called implicit bias continue to plague societies across the world. Language can be a powerful tool to fight this. Lionbridge is helping partners in their quest for equality.

Drafting Plain Language Summaries: 3 Tips to Bear in Mind

Communicating effectively with a non-scientific audience requires some thought. You need to understand the target audience, communicate to the appropriate literacy level, and translate summaries into unambiguous local language. Find out how to implement these strategies. 

How Inclusive Language in Localization Attracts Customers

It is difficult to avoid bias in just one language and harder when dealing with many. Yet inclusive language is essential to expand your customer base. There’s a lot you can do to overcome explicit and implicit bias during localization. We can help.

How We use AI

We use applied AI to drive continuous quality, power automation, guide content authors and translators, and most importantly, build the metadata repository that makes it all happen. Smairt Content compares your content with our existing corpus to achieve better quality when using Machine Translation. The solution can determine attributes like the domain/subject of each piece of content and add this as a metadata element to match your job to the right translator. This type of data is used across the Lionbridge Lainguage Cloud™ to automatically make a variety of decisions and adjust workflows for greater efficiency and best outcomes. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about content governance and Smaⁱrt Content? Here are the answers to some of the questions our customers ask.

A New Way To Think About AI and Localization

Why does Lionbridge embed “ai” in select words? It’s to underscore the important role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays throughout the translation and localization process.

What is Smairt?

The combination of smart and AI points to the evolution of a frictionless localization process as AI learns and enables that process to improve over time.

What is Lainguage?

The combination of language and AI emphasizes the importance of language AI to succeed in a digital-first marketplace by boosting content output and enhancing the quality and performance of that output across more languages. 

What is Trainslation?

The combination of translation and AI refers to the synergy created when AI complements the work of talented translators, which enables companies to handle more content and grow their businesses.

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