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Amara Case Study: Why Amara Chose Lionbridge to Localize their Ecommerce Website

Lionbridge's localization services helped Amara build a French website that boosted traffic and revenue

As the leading luxury homeware and accessory retailer in the UK, Amara houses over 200 of the world’s most luxurious home fashion brands and is the exclusive online distributor of many collections, including Roberto Cavalli and Ralph Lauren Home. Founded in 2005, Amara’s successes are thanks in no small part to their award-winning customer service and robust international shipping, with 90% of stock available for overseas delivery.

Amara's Head of International Expansion worked with their internal team to create the very first localized version of Amara’s website. While Amara had traditionally served customers in France, until that point, French shoppers weren’t able to browse the catalog and purchase in their native language.

After a year of planning, the team launched a brand new French website and saw explosive growth, with a 20% increase in conversion rates from France and a whopping 650% year-over-year increase in revenue.

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Massive Inventory, Endless SKUs

Like many ecommerce companies, Amara manages a massive online catalog that calls for ongoing translation and maintenance. Today, Amara has tens of thousands of products featured on their website and partners with over 300 of the world’s leading luxury home brands. When the French localization project kicked off, the team needed a simple way to translate this constant stream of content.

Without prior localization experience, Amara's Head of International Expansion combined research with their SEO experience to create a plan. “We investigated our options extensively before deciding on using Lionbridge (formerly Gengo) for our translation needs. Coming from an SEO perspective, we dismissed machine translation because of issues with user experience.” The team also looked into working with individual freelance translators, but found it too expensive and slow for their needs.

Seeking Scalability

After a few searches on Google, the Amara team came across Lionbridge, opting to go with the platform due to its combination of high quality, affordable pricing and, importantly, scalable API integration. After working with Lionbridge’s team to integrate the API in time for launch, they were stunned at how fast it was.

"We placed that first test API order and it came back in seconds. It's such a great feeling to see how easy the process of getting the site translated has become with Lionbridge."

Head of International Expansion, Amara

Explosive Growth into the French Market

After the website was localized into French, the Amara team saw immediate year-over-year results in that market. Only 45 days post-launch, Amara enjoyed the following growth in comparison to the year prior:

  • +700% traffic from France
  • +500% SEO traffic from France
  • +20% conversion rate
  • +650% revenue from France

Amara now ships to over 200 countries around the world, and has built on Lionbridge's template to give customers a great experience in multiple languages.

“Communication with the Lionbridge team was great throughout the entire process, ensuring that our integration was seamless and launched without delay. We experience the same efficiency and speed whenever we make tweaks to further improve performance,” the Head of International Expansion commented. “Lionbridge’s quality is always on-point.”

Contact us today to find out how Lionbridge's localization services can help you improve your site's performance.

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