The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Virtual Events

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The Multilingual Virtual Event Checklist

Learn which tools you will need for a successful multilingual virtual event, whether you’re hosting a small webinar or a global conference. Lionbridge offers customer support for all levels of virtual events, from transcription to voice over to real time interpretation.

Inside you will learn:

  • Which services best suit your virtual event.

  • How to use translation and localization to reach your global audience.

  • How Lionbridge can support you before and during your virtual event.

The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Virtual Events

Learn how to host a virtual event in an increasingly digital and global world, and how Lionbridge translation and localization services can help you be a leader in delivering multilingual customer and event support.

Inside you will learn:

  • The essential elements for any global event.

  • How video voiceover and real-time interpretation can help you reach your global audience.

  • How multilingual events can increase your return on investment.

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