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Discovering AI Solutions

The Crucial Role of Lionbridge’s AI Sandbox

Embracing AI solutions is critical to offering better language services. Whether it’s translation services, localization, or content solutions, Generative AI can help create a faster, cost-effective, enhanced process. Lionbridge has been working with AI since its inception — and even earlier. We’ve used what some people consider to be AI’s predecessor, Machine Translation (MT), for over a decade. (Conversely, some people consider MT an example of AI itself.) To immerse ourselves in AI, Lionbridge has developed our AI sandbox, a tool for securely testing AI solutions. This tool helps everyone at Lionbridge sharpen and share our AI understanding and skills. Importantly, our team can also safely test and prepare prototypes of new solutions for customers. Read on to learn more about Lionbridge’s AI Sandbox.

Building a Sandbox for AI Solutions

Lionbridge began developing its AI sandbox in Summer 2023. This environment is a safe space for Lionbridge employees to experiment with AI services, both to assist with internal processes and prepare for potential language solutions for customers. The AI sandbox is a secure, private GPT-4 environment that all employees can access. In fact, Lionbridge heavily encourages all employees to use the sandbox. Lionbridge management has required everyone to set at least one AI-oriented yearly goal. They’re also hosting an AI contest with a prize for the most creative ideas for AI usage. The environment presents as a simple interface with a chatbot appearance. The most critical factor is the security of Lionbridge’s AI Sandbox. It’s fully isolated and cuts all risks of data privacy concerns, which public AI tools don’t protect against.

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Testing Internal AI Solutions

The best way to prepare reliable, innovative workflows for translation or AI content generation is by practicing with AI. Lionbridge’s AI sandbox has over 1,000 users daily. Some are taking advantage of AI to speed up their own work or deliverables. Some employees are using an array of AI tools to build solutions for complex translation, localization, and content problems that our customers face. Every Lionbridge department is finding ways to implement AI to automate and enhance their daily work activities. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales: Many sales team members use AI to create initial drafts of their messages to prospects. They then personalize and edit these drafted messages before sending. This AI usage saves the team hours every week. It also allows the sales team to connect with more current and potential customers daily.

  • Community Experience Team: This team automated the process of sending training invitation emails. They created an AI-powered form to collect training journey data and then used it to auto-populate invitation emails. Their automation saves around 100 hours of human labor on this task. It also lets the Community Training Team focus on other essential tasks to support our partners.

  • Technology Deployment: This department automated the tedious process of converting eLearning course materials from PowerPoint to PDF. They used Lionbridge’s AI tools to generate Python scripts. This solution streamlined batch-processing work, thus saving the department significant time.

  • Games: This division of Lionbridge used AI to automate most of a data analysis task for ensuring translation accuracy. Using AI in this instance saved the team 5-6 hours per project. Notably, this workflow can also expedite future projects.

  • Marketing: This Lionbridge team uses AI to refine vital content elements, especially when there are rigid word or character counts to meet. These sections often include titles, meta titles, etc. Another marketing usage is implementing an AI content generator. The team asks the AI tool to change the tone of content. Changing the tone helps the content appeal to different audiences. While the team of writers can achieve this, AI can significantly expedite the process.

Safely Testing AI Solutions for Customers

Lionbridge uses the AI sandbox for practicing with internal use cases to operate more efficiently. However, we’re also using AI solutions with system at scale to safely test and develop solutions for our customers. These tested solutions allow us to offer customers lower-cost services and volume discounts. (Notably, we never use confidential customer data in these procedures.) Here’s an example of an AI solution we tested, then started implementing at scale for customers:

  • Automating testing for translation procedures to ensure correct applications of terminology, tone, and other linguistic aspects required by customers.

  • Conducting quality evaluation exercises for Machine Translation output.

  • Implementing automated improvements to Machine Translation output as dictated by specific customer needs.

We’ve been using tested solutions (such as the one above) to provide large-scale AI-powered services for customers via our OpenAI business subscription. Currently, Lionbridge has served almost 500 customers with tailored AI solutions – with at least 50 more pilots in our pipeline.

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In short, Lionbridge isn’t just prepared for an AI-dominated future. We’re already there, testing and implementing solutions internally and for our customers daily.

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