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Lionbridge Team Building New Image Review Plugin

Customers and translators will be able to see pictures in context, in real time, helping to improve both speed and accuracy

A New Connector for Image Review

The Lionbridge Technology Solutions team is building a first-to-market connector plugin that enables real-time, in-context image review—and solves a key pain point for customers and translators.

Image-based content sent from connectors, especially PIM systems, can be hard to place in context. Often, this can only be clarified by asking the customer for more information. Since every query needs to be passed from translator to client and back again, this ultimately causes delays in the project, and a higher potential for misinterpretation that can put quality at risk.

With the release of our new InRiver connector plugin, Lionbridge now provides a preview image of the product being translated. For our translators, the image appears automatically when they open a segment—completely removing any doubt as to what they are translating. For market reviewers using Lionbridge’s Freeway online review tool, the ‘Preview’ function for InRiver content will display the image upon request.

Images included in the preview are added to the view as clickable thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail will pop up a full-sized image without leaving the page. Supported image formats include: BMP, all variants of GIF, all variants of JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WEBP.

Questions about our new plugin, or anything PIM? Contact the Lionbridge team today

A screenshot depicting Lionbridge's new InRiver connector plugin
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Matz Soderberg
Matz Soderberg