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Infographic: 4 Reasons You Still Need Legal Translation Services

Legal translation companies vs. AI translation alone

Generative artificial intelligence (AI)’s dramatically expanding abilities are significantly impacting the legal field. Like LegalZoom, generative AI has the capacity to provide services that only lawyers could. Some lawyers are even using ChatGPT to write briefs (as in this popular article). Generative AI is already becoming integrated into the legal field, helping lawyers work faster and more efficiently. Notably, generative AI can’t (and shouldn’t) be used without human experts for legal translations. This comparison chart covers 4 reasons AI translation should enhance, not replace, legal translation services.

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Learn more about how Lionbridge’s translation services for legal documents can help you support your clients. Need certified legal translation services or legal interpreting services? We have decades of experience and innovative new technology to tailor language services solutions to your unique needs. Get in touch today.

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Samantha Keefe
Samantha Keefe
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