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Legal Translation and the Lionbridge Difference

Why Lionbridge delivers superior client experiences every time

Like all translation projects, multilingual legal cases pose their own unique challenges. From tight deadlines to last-minute filing changes, law firms must race against the clock to prepare documents in time. Add in complex legal translation revisions, and you have plenty of room for error.

So, what can law firms do to ensure a project goes smoothly? It all starts with choosing the right Language Service Provider (LSP). At Lionbridge, we offer the expertise, scalability, and flexibility you need to complete even the most difficult legal translations. While other providers may make the same claims, our satisfied clients are happy to confirm them.

To demonstrate what Lionbridge can do for you, we’re highlighting four of our favorite client success stories.

Legal Filings and Translation Revisions

A team of attorneys at a multinational law firm based in New York City was working on a complex securities litigation involving a Latin American government.

We quickly prepared the legal document translations for filing, and received the feedback below:

“All of the work has been absolutely superb,” an associate wrote over email. “From the extremely responsive team to high-quality work, Lionbridge is without a doubt the best translation service I have ever worked with.

Yet the story didn’t end there. On the day of one filing, we implemented a few rounds of revisions for their expert report. This time-sensitive project required making changes to both the Spanish source text and English translations. That same day, we translated a number of authorities, which were cited in the report, and made various adjustments to other documents.

Upon completion, she reached back out with the following message:

“I wanted to send a quick thank you for the monumental effort in getting this ready. I think that is as close to the deadline as I have ever gotten! Thank you for being so patient with us and for handling everything calmly and efficiently. A massive thanks for everything you have done over the past few weeks, particularly in the last 24 hours!”

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Accurate Technical Translations

A Boston-based multinational law firm hired us to complete a series of Japanese technical translations. When they received the documents, they noticed a stark difference between the translations they secured from Lionbridge and what the opposing counsel had.

As a team member told us:

“The Lionbridge translations were amazing! The other team could definitely see the difference in quality in documents that overlapped with their own.”

Quick-Turn Around for Large Document Translations

In 2020, counsel based in Washington D.C. was representing a sovereign state in South America in an arbitration, and needed to translate the preliminary objections from Spanish to English.

We translated the over 70-page legal document, which was about 22,000 words, in just two days to meet the tight deadline. For comparison, we typically want about a week for a document of that size.

A team member had this to say about the project:

“High quality work in a short period of time. Good job. I have to confess that I used cheaper translation services a couple of times, and I always regretted it later.”

Team of lawyers reviewing a time sensitive document.

High-Quality Legal Machine Translation

A New York-based law firm needed to translate a large volume of documents related to an internal investigation of an electricity distributor in Brazil.

To increase efficiency, we used legal machine translation to prepare questions for local counsel conducting interviews along with submissions to the U.S. Department of Justice. In total, we provided machine translation for over 1,000 documents and provided human translations of roughly 120,000 words—all from Portuguese to English.

The law firm’s experience working with Lionbridge was markedly better than the one they had with one of our competitors. As a senior associate later told us:

“I was so frustrated with our previous provider that working with Lionbridge has been like night and day in terms of responsiveness and quality of service.”

Other team members said the same. They were especially pleased by the smooth transition to working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because they were under intense time pressure for interviewing in Brazil, they were especially pleased by our responsiveness, which helped them meet all of their deadlines.

Final Thoughts

As our client success stories show, Lionbridge goes above and beyond our competitors to provide superior legal translation services. It’s the reason why 92% of the Global 100 consider us a trusted language services partner. From our simple onboarding process and quick turnaround times to our responsive experts, we provide an experience that is unmatched.

Ready to start your next legal translation project? Get in touch with our team today.

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