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5 Ways to Incorporate AI Copilot into Your eLearning

AI Copilot tools, including GitHub Copilot, Microsoft Copilot, DeepCode, CodeWhisperer, and Codota, are built with powerful generative AI (GenAI) technology that can help people work more efficiently and effectively with a myriad of tasks. Based on the context of a project, the tools will suggest:

  • Relevant information
  • Functions
  • Helpful resources

These tools are a promising development for eLearning and GenAI. GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Copilot are excellent choices for teaching coding. GitHub Copilot:

  • Was specifically developed for coders
  • Supports a broad spectrum of programming languages and frameworks, including CSS, HTML, Javascript, etc.
  • Helps generate a variety of eLearning content, including: assessments, simulations, learning modules, and more

Microsoft Copilot is:

  • Excellent for enterprise eLearning
  • Helpful for finding and organizing information from the Internet, extensive source material, etc.
  • Beneficial for generating eLearning content, including assessments, simulations, learning modules, and more
  • Trustworthy for suggesting improvements to content’s grammar, style, and clarity

Of course, the AI copilot tool that eLearning experts select for when they implement and create eLearning content may also be impacted by budgetary restrictions, current eLearning platforms, number of required licenses, and other individual needs. This blog covers five ways to use AI Copilot, whichever version you choose, to assist with eLearning course design for coders.

#1 Use eLearning and GenAI to Present Interactive Coding Challenges

AI Copilot helps course developers create interactive coding challenges. Developers can ensure their eLearning course material provides hands-on learning challenges via incomplete code snippets for students to finish. AI Copilot could offer learners:

  • Hints
  • Code suggestions
  • Solutions

#2 Offer Coding Assistance and Tutoring via eLearning and GenAI

Use AI Copilot for coding eLearning courses and learning modules focused on understanding coding principles necessary for programming, data science, and web development. AI Copilot will provide learners with:

  • Bug detection
  • Instant coding suggestions
  • Explanations
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#3 Consider eLearning and GenAI for Code Review and Feedback

To streamline the grading process, instructors can rely on AI Copilot to review and offer feedback for student coding projects. These tools can:

  • Automatically review code submissions
  • Find errors
  • Suggest improvements
  • Provide detailed feedback

#4 Create Coding Simulations and Scenario-based eLearning Content with AI Copilot

Use AI Copilot tools to build realistic, even complex, simulations for coding projects. This will help learners reinforce and practice their skills. The tool can:

  • Guide learners
  • Offer assistance, step-by-step
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#5 Use AI Copilot to Customize Learning Paths

AI Copilot can assess learners’ coding abilities, styles, and goals. Based on these assessments, the technology can then tailor content to the learner, including:

  • Videos
  • Passages to read
  • Exercises
  • Challenges

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Samantha Keefe and Abhilasha Choudhary, eLearning Solutions Architect
Samantha Keefe and Abhilasha Choudhary, eLearning Solutions Architect
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