The Traveler's Digital Journey

22 Translation & Localization Tips to Improve Personalization

When it comes to travel, the digital path to purchase has taken a decidedly scenic turn.

Armed with access to a sprawling ecosystem of brand websites, online travel agencies, and social media platforms, today's traveler can and will spend weeks comparing photos, offers, and reviews before finally booking.

Is it all too much?

Recent research from McKinsey shows that too many options overwhelm travel shoppers, causing brands to miss opportunities as users check out. How can brands ensure their efforts to connect and inform don't drive audiences to distraction?

For travel and hospitality brands, personalization has emerged as the key to attracting and retaining customers. In this competitive landscape, brands distinguish themselves by becoming more attuned to individual customers—and thus more relevant in their communication and offers.

In our new eBook, we share the tips we've learned over years spent providing travel and hospitality organizations with the translation, localization, and marketing services they need to create personalized experiences for global travelers. We'll also share some mistakes you'll want to avoid, plus the critical steps you need to personalize content at scale.

Localize to Personalize

Ready to personalize your way into the hearts and minds of travelers, at every micro-moment in their digital journey? Download our eBook today.

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