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3Q Digital Case Study: How the Lionbridge Community Helped 3Q Digital Cut Translation Turnaround Time

By accessing Lionbridge’s translator community, 3Q Digital simplified their workflow and cut translation costs

Digital marketing is evolving fast. As a leading independent digital marketing agency, 3Q Digital helps clients find new customers through all possible channels and methods, including SEM, SEO, display ads, and social. When their clients search for new customers abroad, 3Q Digital trusts Lionbridge (formerly Gengo) to translate SEM ad copy that will convert.


The Challenge: Clearing Workflow Clutter

When helping its clients reach and engage global audiences, 3Q Digital found it difficult and cumbersome to hire individual translators for SEM projects. Coordinating pricing, availability and language pairs often took up to a week, and sometimes projects had to be prepared and sent separately to as many as 15 translators.

After some translators were reluctant to take on small projects and the team saw that machine translation wouldn’t deliver the right quality, they began looking for a better solution.

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The Solution: Plugging into the Crowd

Lionbridge’s streamlined order process and skilled crowd of translators brought 3Q Digital’s lost hours of searching and negotiating to an end. Time is of the essence in international marketing, and improvements were apparent from the get-go, as Lionbridge’s crowd dramatically cut both turnaround time and costs for 3Q Digital and its customers.

“Lionbridge saves our translation project managers countless hours normally spent sourcing and negotiating with translators.”

Laura Rodnitzky, 3Q Digital

Finding translators for less common languages, such as Thai and Indonesian, used to take the 3Q Digital team up to a week, but Lionbridge’s growing language pair offerings and international crowd enable the team to translate in whichever language they need, at any time of day.

With Lionbridge, rather than searching for translation talent and juggling projects, 3Q Digital is able to focus on developing strategies as well as launching and optimizing new campaigns for clients who are going global.

Explore how Lionbridge’s community can solve your translation needs by clicking the button below.

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