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How Lionbridge Partnered with ArrivalGuides to Deliver Clicks, Boost Sales and Drive Success

Serving the multilingual needs of 340+ travel brands 

A Unique Translation Solution 

With over half of global search engine queries made in languages other than English, translating and localizing content has become a must for international destinations. ArrivalGuides is the world’s largest supplier of destination content, with a network of over 340 travel brands. They needed a meticulous translation and localization provider to help their destination partners maximize their multilingual global marketing efforts. Lionbridge created a unique CMS-based translation solution, enabling users to translate content into 20+ languages on demand.

Read our case study below to discover how Lionbridge and ArrivalGuides were able to work together to expand ArrivalGuides’ translation and localization capabilities.

In the case study, find out:

  • How tailor-made translation and localization solutions enabled ArrivalGuides’ destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to reach more potential visitors than with English alone
  • How Lionbridge’s solution allowed ArrivalGuides’ DMOs to easily translate and maintain their content in the ArrivalGuides CMS
  • How content localized by Lionbridge delivered a substantial increase in reach, engagement and conversions
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