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How Lionbridge’s Technical Authoring Services Transformed One Bank’s Developer Documentation

Our technical and linguistic expertise helped us to create clear, effective documentation that improved user uptake and increased revenue

Good technical content is challenging to create. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the products and services in question, as well as the ability to clearly communicate how these products work for developer communities. When your technical content is used across multiple markets, regions, and languages, it becomes even more difficult to ensure that it is effective for a diverse audience.

Our client was well acquainted with these challenges. As a global financial institution whose APIs impact businesses and individuals across the globe, it was essential that their developer documentation was easy to use across multiple languages. They turned to Lionbridge for help with improving the quality and consistency of their documentation, as well as providing a better experience for all the developers accessing their content.

After collaborating with the client on strategy, our technical writing team drew on years of technical and linguistic experience to create a comprehensive library of documents. Our specialists were involved at every stage of the project, helping to develop clear, consistent terminology, create easy-to-use tutorials, and build out a coherent voice that unified all the client’s developer documentation.

The client immediately started seeing positive results from their new technical content. Along with a significant improvement in developer adoption of their APIs, they also saw increased revenue for products and services across their technology stack. Read our full case study to learn more about Lionbridge’s technical authoring services and how they can help you to grow your business.

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