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Case Study: Swisscom Partnership

Over 20 Years of Annual Report Translation

A company’s annual report is one of its most critical communication pieces. It shapes the company’s image and builds loyalty and interest with the press, clients, investors, and more. Often, annual report translation is complicated by highly technical financial material, tight deadlines, and continuous delivery of source texts. In some countries, annual reports may require specialized sections to meet sustainability requirements. Lastly, these reports also demand exceptional security and confidentiality standards and technologies.

Swisscom, a leading telecommunications company, has relied on Lionbridge’s professional translation services for over 20 years to deliver its annual report in multiple languages. Their 2022 report was a massive undertaking, with 200 pages of highly technical content. To meet Swisscom's specific needs for this four-month-long project, our team provided a robust team of (this year, over 30) linguistic experts and project managers. This team is experienced in financial translation, corporate communications, and now, sustainability reporting. We’ve also utilized cutting-edge cyber security software to ensure security for the sensitive data in the project. With our perfected translation processes, we’ve inspired Swisscom to trust us with translating annual reports every year. 

Read the case study to learn about Lionbridge’s customized solution for Swisscom.

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