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Over-the-Phone Interpretation/Real Time Chat

Watch Our Over-the-Phone Interpretation Webinar

Today’s customers have higher expectations when it comes to customer support and communication. They are looking for a partner that can meet their high standards for a positive experience in their preferred language —quickly and accurately.

In an increasingly interconnected global network, the importance of providing exemplary customer and employee experience in any language, across any channel, cannot be overstated.

In our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to empower your agents to speak to anyone in any language.
  • How to customize these tools for a seamless multilingual experience.
  • What GeoFluent & Over-the-phone interpretation are and how they could benefit you.

Lionbridge GeoFluent and Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Our GeoFluent and over-the-phone interpretation offerings can help your teams with real-time remote translations. We offer round-the-clock services for everything from one-on-one service chats to multinational all-hands presentations. Hear from Lionbridge experts Arnold Koh and Ryan Erwin about improving global connections.

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