Lionbridge Celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

Lionbridge beat the odds to survive and thrive by being a technology-enabled Language Service Provider (LSP). Starting with AI, we will transform this industry for the next 25 years. 

The Era of Localize Everything

More content. Faster turnarounds. Better ROI. Expand further.  

There has never been a more exciting time in the localization business. The industry exists to break the language and cultural barriers to global commerce and relationships, but after 25 years, there is still a lot of bridge-building to do.

Get ready to localize everything. We think we will see more bridges built in the next few years than ever before. Advances in AI will make it possible to translate and localize everything. Smart Content™ feeding Smart MT™ driving Smart Workflow™ will empower firms to enter as many markets as they’d like, driving revenue faster than costs. We’re ready to help you leverage the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and natural language processing so you can outshine your competition.

Lionbridge’s AI-powered Locaⁱlization™ language cloud, in the hands of our global program experts, talented linguist partners and connected to your systems, makes it all possible.

Celebrating 25 Years of Lionbridge Innovation

In 1996, two Stanford University students created Google, eBay began its online auction and more than 10 million people used the Internet. It was also the year Rory Cowan founded Lionbridge.

Cowan envisioned an interconnected digital universe where language would not be a barrier. For a quarter century, Lionbridge has worked towards breaking down the barriers for global commerce and building bridges between every brand, every product and every consumer on the planet.

As Lionbridge celebrates its 25th anniversary, the company looks back at its history, its challenges and triumphs to become one of the largest, most-experienced and most-trusted LSPs in the world.  

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How to Localize an Ad

Create your ad using internationalization techniques like avoiding cultural cues. Then provide your localization team with the information they need to succeed.  

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