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3 Must-Haves for Mandatory Compliance Training in Any Language

Learn the essentials of successful compliance training for a multilingual workforce

Every successful business knows that well-trained, highly engaged employees are the cornerstone of its success. But as your company's workforce becomes increasingly diverse and remote working environments become the norm, how can you deliver compliance training that is current with ever-changing international laws and addresses emerging concerns?

That's where we come in. Lionbridge partners with clients in every industry—from tech to retail, automotive to pharma—to create training solutions across all compliance subject areas, including:

  • Workplace Health and Safety: OSHA, COVID protocols
  • Privacy: HIPAA, GDPR, Cybersecurity
  • Corporate standards: Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Codes of conduct: Anti-Bribery, Conflicts of Interest
  • Financial services: BSA/AML, Risk Management, CISA

Whether you need to institute an entirely new curriculum, or translate evergreen content into a new language, there are three key considerations you'll want to keep in mind.

#1  End-to-End Compliance Training Course Development and Localization

Look for a language services provider (LSP) with a long track record of content creation, not just translation—and the know-how to develop material that is both effective and engaging for your audience. With decades of experience in content creation across all forms of media, we're experts at developing or adapting materials for multicultural audiences while maintaining your brand voice and messaging in any format.

See it in action:

A major multinational corporate training company, offering over 7000 courses on its cloud-based platform, has relied on Lionbridge for its localization needs since 2006. Drawing on our one million passionate experts in 5000+ cities, we're able to help the client develop highly complex compliance training content at scale—or simply localize their existing English-language courses into 25+ languages.

#2  Partnership Through the Full Compliance Training Lifecycle

Our worldwide community of translators delivers fluency in 350+ languages, plus subject matter expertise across more industries than any other language services provider. These highly trained Lionbridge language professionals partner with your teams to guide end-to-end content development, ensuring that your compliance training materials are accurate and up-to-date with the latest legal regulations for your industry.

See it in action:

For past five years, a multinational technology and media conglomerate has utilized Lionbridge to translate a comprehensive range of sensitive internal documents. From anti-bribery policies and codes of conduct, to legal contracts and agreements, our legal-trained language experts have delivered highly complex translations in several language pairs—including English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish. And should the client become engaged in anti-bribery litigation, Lionbridge stands ready to work with their outside counsel to translate key materials relevant to the case.

#3  Global Accessibility of Compliance Training Content

Today's best compliance training is not only engaging and interactive—it's available across platforms in multiple languages. Our eLearning solutions ensure that all of your global employees and partners can access and complete their training 24/7 on any device, with mobile-ready, cloud-based solutions that are flexible, scalable and easy for your HR team to maintain.

See it in action:

When one of the world's leading medical technology companies was required to create a compliance policy for their distributors and partners, as well as their employees, they turned to Lionbridge. We worked closely with their internal teams to translate the company's eLearning videos into 20+ languages via our Translation Management Platform, giving the client real-time visibility into the project's progress—and delivering content that their global audience can access 24/7 on any device.

The Bottom Line

Compliance training is only growing more complex, and HR teams simply cannot do it themselves. By developing robust eLearning content, you ensure that your mandatory compliance training is always available on demand—to any employee, in any language.

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