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Creating a Framework for Global Digital Experience Assessments

How to start creating meaningful global experiences and enhancing customer engagement 

Build Great Digital Customer Experiences

As service providers and retailers invest in omnichannel strategies to reach their global customers, they need to create a world-class digital experience. By investing in high-quality content, companies can set themselves apart as leaders in the digital space and be more attuned to their customers’ needs, in their customers’ languages.

In 2019, Lionbridge turned to Adobe to modernize our digital experience and step into the world of enterprise content management. We customized the Adobe stack to create and monitor content, and to draw conclusions from that content to strengthen our brand.  By using integrated toolsets for data sharing across tools, we were able to use data-driven analytics to strengthen our content across channels. And depending on the needs of a certain project, we are able to scale up or scale down resources. The infrastructure we created also allows for the productization of tools and for fostering innovation.

Revolutionizing digital experiences

Lionbridge’s decades of experience in helping organizations optimize communications with their global customers has given us unique insight into what can make or break a customer experience. Customizing the Adobe stack has helped us personalize content across verticals, regions and languages, allowing us to deliver targeted content to users, prospects and customers. Personalizing this content has allowed us to realize performance gains in reporting, lead flow, web operations, localization, site optimization and return on investment.

Using this experience, Lionbridge has developed and introduced Global Digital Experience Assessments. Our assessments provide customers with hard data and actionable recommendations to help them invest in content wisely and deliver digital experiences to continuously engage customers. After delivering outstanding digital customer experiences in existing markets, we then help customers figure out which locales and languages to pursue next. The Global Digital Experience Assessment ensures customers get the biggest return on their localization investment.

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Targeting content to the right market

As a global language and content company, Lionbridge is committed to ensuring localized content lands in the market it was created for. This commitment has led us to build a tool for generating hreflang tags on Adobe Experience Manager web pages.

The tool automatically creates hreflang tags for each market, ensuring search engines show the correct page in each market and eliminating competition for search terms from other versions of the page. Therefore, customers in each target market see the content meant for them, creating a better global digital experience overall.

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