Action Items for Localization Managers Working with Marketing

Action steps for a match made in heaven

In today's organizations, Localization Managers work ever more closely with digital marketing departments.

This presents a world of both navigable challenges and immense opportunities. But in the new digital landscape, the most successful loc professionals will understand how to optimize their interdepartmental relationships. This will look different from company to company, as organizational approaches to localization and digitization are each as varied as the nature of language itself.

If you're a loc manager, you can take actionable steps to optimize your relationship with Marketing, no matter where your organization sits in digital maturity. Identify your organization's maturity level and the corresponding action you can take using our handy table below.

Action Items for Localization Managers


Interested in learning more about how to forge a mutually beneficial working relationship with your marketing colleagues? Download our new whitepaper: Six (and a Half) Proven Ways for Localization Managers to Meet the Challenges of Digital Transformation.

Localization Managers Guide

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