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Danish Hemophilia Society Case Study

How Lionbridge Brought Life-Saving Information to Danish Parents Using Linguistic Validation

For patients with life-threatening or chronic illnesses, quality of life is largely impacted by the quality of medical care they receive. Individuals who cannot properly communicate with their healthcare providers – including those who speak a different language – may struggle to take care of themselves or their dependents. Such a disconnect could prove fatal, especially when concerning bleeding disorders.

The Danish Hemophilia Society (DHS) works to provide hemophilic patients and their families with counseling and education to help them navigate treatment, emerging research, and daily life. As part of an initiative to support patients with Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), the DHS created a dialogue tool that would facilitate effective communication between patients’ families and healthcare providers.

Lionbridge's expertise and deep experience with linguistic validation allowed the customer to provide Danish parents with a native version of the materials, considering target patient groups, intertextual coherence, and consistency. The translated versions were effective, maintaining the quality, accuracy, and polished presentation of the original English versions. Read the case study to learn more about key elements of our solution.

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