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Epson Europe Case Study: How Lionbridge Met Epson Europe’s Urgent Translation Needs by Delivering Work at Breakneck Speed

Lionbridge relies on creative problem-solving skills and relentless determination to deliver translations in one-third the time as the industry standard 

Overcoming Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges

How do you get a translation project delivered in less than half the time it would typically take a Language Service Provider (LSP) to complete the work? One of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers handled this challenge by asking Lionbridge to figure out a solution.

Epson Europe required 147 InDesign files to be translated into 25 languages in two weeks as part of a high-visibility marketing campaign for its EcoTank inkjet printer. The manufacturer needed the translations for product packaging; the product had to be on store shelves before a live event featuring eight-time Olympic medalist Usain Bolt.

Lionbridge devised a solution that involved clear communications and changes to the review process. Lionbridge’s ability to drastically shave off production time enabled Epson Europe to execute its highly ambitious marketing campaign on time and start generating sales sooner.

"The efforts put in here were massive, and we are so grateful to you. Our collaboration with Lionbridge is always very positive, and this project again shows what great teamwork can achieve."

Claire Vosper, Manager, Implementation, Epson Europe B.V.

Read the case study to learn more about how Lionbridge executed this impressive feat. 

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