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The Lionbridge 2023 Machine Translation Report

Few advancements in Machine Translation quality during 2022 signal a technological leap for 2023 and beyond

Prepare To Capitalize on Machine Translation Disruption and Resulting Improvements

Get excited. Big changes in the Machine Translation (MT) space are now underway.

Significant developments in the MT space began emerging after a lackluster year in 2022, as demonstrated by the Lionbridge Machine Translation Tracker, the longest-standing measurement of the major MT engines. During this time, the major Neural Machine Translation engines failed to improve quality substantially, creating conditions ripe for disruption.

What’s next? We expect a new paradigm to emerge that will likely involve generative AI (GenAI) / Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT. We project the new paradigm to significantly enhance automated translation quality and enable companies to increase content output. Are you prepared to leverage these technological advancements?

It’s imperative to understand how the disruption will impact localization to get the most from your global content and maximize its reach.

Take an in-depth examination of MT by reading our comprehensive whitepaper:

  • Learn how MT has evolved since its inception and its current shortcomings
  • Thoroughly examine MT engine performance in 2022 and its implications for 2023 and beyond
  • Capitalize on the shakeup in the MT industry as Large Language Models mature

“We got remarkable results when comparing the translation quality between GPT and the major MT engines. Even though GPT has not been specifically trained to execute the single task of translations, its quality level is impressive. Our comparative analysis tells us that automated translation quality will surge as technological advancements resolve long-standing MT issues. And more companies will adopt it to better connect with their customers.”

—Rafa Moral, Lionbridge Vice President, Innovation

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Janette Mandell
Janette Mandell