Improve Customer Experience With Real-Time Interpretation

5 takeaways from the OPI & GeoFluent webinar

Increasingly, consumers are looking for a partner that can meet their high standards for a positive experience. For Lionbridge that means fast, quality service, in their preferred language. Enter GeoFluent, our patented virtual translation tool. GeoFluent allows businesses to improve customer experience by adding real-time, customized language support to any communications channel, securely and cost-effectively. During our webinar, Lionbridge GeoFluent experts Arnie Koh and Ryan Erwin assessed current consumer trends, introduced GeoFluent and its over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) add-in, and walked viewers through a live demonstration of the products’ capabilities.

Here are the top 5 takeaways:

#1 Customer Support = Customer Experience = Brand

The quality of your customer support directly translates to the quality of your customer’s experience, which in turn strengthens brand loyalty. In other words, improving customer experience is more important than ever. Equipping your teams with the most forward-thinking customer care strategies is critical to retaining and strengthening your relationship with customers.

#2 Customers Expect Digital Convenience and Companies are Responding

More and more businesses are deploying powerful technological assets such as chatbots, AI-powered conversation tools, advanced voice prompting technologies and more. In this increasingly digital world, customers demand the advantages that accompany digital advancements.

Improve customer experience by offering these top technological conveniences and benefits:

  • Mobile-friendly interfaces

  • Self-service options

  • 24/7 customer support availability

  • A personalized experience: Right person. Right information. Right time.

#3 Customers Still Want to Reach Humans

While technological advancements are more sophisticated than ever, studies show customers still primarily prefer to interact with real humans. 30% of customers say speaking with a knowledgeable and friendly agent is the most important aspect of customer service.

This is particularly valued for specific support cases including the need to:

  • Troubleshoot complex technical, or account issues

  • Handle financial issues and billing dispute

  • Escalate cases

#4 Language is the First Aspect of Personalization in Customer Service

Today’s customers demand personalization. Communicating to your customers in their preferred language is the most important level of personalization. They will form their first impression based on the language you use. Still, modern customers are experiencing a language disconnect: most customer support interactions are conducted in English, but 72% of global customers prefer another language. Resolving this linguistic disparity will not only facilitate communication, but improve customer experience.

#5  GeoFluent and the OPI Add-in Can Help

GeoFluent equips companies with a virtual translation tool to reach customers in their preferred language, quickly and easily.

GeoFluent’s key advantages:

  • A customized linguistic engine to fit the needs of your specific brand and customer base

  • A seamless integration with your current tools and strategies, resulting in seamless translations for you and your clients.

  • An OPI add-in that provides real-time interpretation services by highly-skilled linguists in over 350 languages.

Your customers expect the best. Now you can give it to them. Watch our webinar and in just 45 minutes you’ll discover the impressive translation capabilities of GeoFluent and take your customer support to the next level.

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Sophia Eakins
Sophia Eakins