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Optimizing communication during global crises

In a moment of crisis, the unknown can be far more frightening than the known. A known variable can be assessed and addressed, but uncertainty is harder to fight. This is why during any disastrous event, communication--transparent, consistent, clear communication--is a powerful weapon against fear.

To keep a business running smoothly during the COVID-19 outbreak, leaders need to create and apply new procedures to reduce infection risk. And that means finding a way to reach every employee, contractor, partner and customer, no matter where they live or work or what language they speak.

This page offers resources for any professional looking to guide their company through the challenges this global health event creates. We will update it regularly with informational pieces, tips on crisis responses, and ways we can help keep your team, your company and your customers happy and healthy.

Watch a demo

Our GeoFluent and over-the-phone interpretation offerings can help your teams with real time remote translations. We offer round-the-clock services for everything from one-on-one service chats to multinational all-hands presentations. Hear from Lionbridge experts Arnold Koh and Ryan Erwin about improving global connections.


See it in action

If you already have your own team of translators and interpreters in just a single site, our worldwide sites can help you keep up with demand in the case that your local team is out of commission, whether from a virus or a natural disaster. That's precisely what we did for one client after Hurricane Maria. Read how we can help you bounce back from an unexpected shortage.

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April M. Crehan
April M. Crehan