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The Future of the Localization Industry

How the localization industry is changing and what you need to know to stay competitive

What is augmented translation and why is it important? Augmented translation involves correcting and augmenting machine-generated translations as opposed to translating source content. Lionbridge leaders expect augmented translation to become a predominant part of a translator’s job as Artificial Intelligence (AI) increasingly takes hold and the localization industry evolves. 

Mastering the Multilingual, Multicultural, Multichannel and Multi-Buyer Journey  

What else can you anticipate in the coming years? Savvy multimarket organizations will localize 100% of their content at varying quality levels. They will also merge marketing and localization functions. 

"Marketing teams are more customer-centric, more data-driven, and more agile than other business units because they have had to be these things to survive digital transformation. This change is already starting in some of the organizations that have been leaders in localization, and we expect many other companies to follow suit.” 

Read this article, which originally appeared in the January/February 2021 issue of MultiLingual, to learn about Lionbridge’s take on the future of the localization industry and how to think about localization to gain the most from it. 

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Kajetan Malinowski with Jaime Punishill
Kajetan Malinowski with Jaime Punishill