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Le Monde Case Study: How Lionbridge Helped Le Monde Grow Its Global Subscriber Base by Breaking News in English

Lionbridge’s automated solution helped Le Monde to report with speed, quality, and integrity

It’s not easy to translate the news. There are a whole host of challenges that media organizations encounter, from safeguarding their accuracy in a new language to translation turnaround time. These challenges – particularly speed, quality, and integrity – can cripple internal translation teams and even hinder the organization’s ability to break news and contribute to developing stories.

When Le Monde debuted their English language publication Le Monde in English, they knew they would need to outsource translation to a language services provider. The news group partnered with Lionbridge for an automated translation solution which would preserve Le Monde’s unique approach to journalism, while also coping with the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle.

The customized solution we built, which includes the Lionbridge Language Cloud™ and a global team of professional translators, was crucial to the early success of Le Monde in English. With a delivery time of under six hours and a 97% content approval rate, our translations helped Le Monde to secure thousands of new subscribers. Backed by Le Monde’s prestigious newsroom and Lionbridge’s scalable translation solution, Le Monde in English is only set to grow further in the coming months and years.

Read the full case study to learn more about Lionbridge’s solution and discover how it helped Le Monde provide comprehensive coverage of the French presidential election.

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