Global Search Marketing

Just because a keyword works well in one market is no guarantee it will work in others. To ensure your brand gets found, you need to understand not only the cultural context where searches happen, but also what words make the best keywords in each individual market.

Create Successful Global Search Marketing Strategies

Successful search marketing is about understanding what questions people are trying to answer and the words they use to ask those questions. Do regular people use marketing-speak and search for “previously owned vehicles”? No, they type in, “used cars.”

Understanding how people search in each market and language is the first step toward success in international search marketing.

You then need to understand the where of searches. Even though they are both valid English terms, “diapers” won’t work in the UK market just as “nappies” won’t work in the US. Being aware of these cultural and linguistic contexts is essential for successful international search marketing.

Global Search Marketing: Translate Concepts, not Keywords

It’s not enough to simply translate content for different markets. You also have to optimize for search within those markets. If you don’t do this successfully, you’ll miss the opportunity to connect with regional consumers who are actively looking for your products or services.

With a team of global search marketing experts, Lionbridge can help you develop a multilingual search strategy and then execute it across all your global markets. Our in-country resources can perform Multilingual SEO in every language you might need.

By combining our localization, SEO, and publishing processes, you can:

  • Accelerate time to market via coordinated execution
  • Reduce cost by eliminating duplicated effort
  • Improve results from the initial launch of content