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International Content: Monetising Global Content Assets and Measuring Success

Based on a survey of global businesses, and a series of interviews with senior executives working for international organisations, this report looks at the role that a global content strategy plays in helping companies to expand their international brand footprint, while simultaneously seeking to improve the customer experience and increase their revenues.

Econsultancy Lionbridge Report International Content 2017

You're focused on building a consistent global brand and engaging consumers worldwide. But what resonates in one market often won’t resonate in others. Overcome these barriers with Lionbridge. Our global marketing services can deliver compelling content that is locally relevant without sacrificing brand consistency, quality, or efficiency. 

Maximise global marketing value

As global consumers become increasingly demanding, your marketing messages must be stronger than ever. To meet these demands, you need to overcome language and cultural barriers with content that's timely, relevant, and effective. Do you have the capabilities to handle it all?

You may rely on a series of agencies to help you close this gap. You may struggle to manage a growing array of systems and technologies. You may even be ceding control to local stakeholders who promise to ensure your messages are on target. 

Lionbridge for global marketing strategy

Reduce global marketing complexities and deliver optimal results with Lionbridge’s language, marketing, and creative production services.

With Lionbridge as your global marketing services partner, you'll get a global operating model, flexible approach to technology, digital solutions, and deep language and cultural expertise so you can:

  • Adapt marketing campaigns with agility
  • Balance competing global and local demands
  • Simplify global messaging

With Lionbridge, you can deliver relevance on a global scale.

Featured Customer
Thule relies on Lionbridge for web localisation and multilingual SEO

“Lionbridge is the hub in our process to launch products and to launch translated and localised content. Lionbridge helps us with translations, with SEO, and does that with a really efficient and agile process.”


Tobias Bergström
Tobias Bergström
Director Digital Channels, Thule