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International Content: Monetising Global Content Assets and Measuring Success

Based on a survey of global businesses, and a series of interviews with senior executives working for international organisations, this report looks at the role that a global content strategy plays in helping companies to expand their international brand footprint, while simultaneously seeking to improve the customer experience and increase their revenues.

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Econsultancy Lionbridge Report International Content 2017

As a global publisher, if you don’t own your communication channels, someone else will. That’s why using a global social media service and strategy to engage with and listen to your audience anywhere, in the right channels, is so essential to your brand.

Global Social Media Campaigns

Successfully launching a global social media and integrated marketing campaign has many requirements. The most important is that you need to create content that is both consistent across your different markets and culturally relevant for each location.

Working with a single global marketing partner will simplify processes and contain costs across languages, platforms, and markets.

Get global social engagement solutions for:

  • Global social media management: Get full-coverage, multilingual community, strategy, and engagement management in any language and any market.
  • Micro moments and content creation: Identify and seize local intent-driven moments in order to increase engagement and convert leads with your fans all over the world.
  • Global publishing: Make sure your posts go live on every platform with strict quality audits and pre-established service level agreements (SLA).
  • Social ad campaign management: Turn your best performing content into your most efficient ad campaign.
  • Loyalty and advocacy plans: Meet your local brand ambassadors and have them create content around your brand.
  • Global social analytics: Measure and optimise your social brand strategy in order to achieve your objectives and key performance indicators (KPI).

Global Social Media Listening

As a global publisher, social media listening and management gives you a better understanding of what people think about your company and your brand. By monitoring web and social media discussion across multiple platforms and engaging with influencers, you’ll get perspective and actionable insights.

  • Topic and sentiment breakdown analysis: Analyse mentions to understand what your customers are talking about and how they feel about your brand.
  • Search recommendations: Track local long-tail and short-tail keywords to optimise your search engine optimisation and revamp your content strategy based on real insights into what people are looking for in every digital channel.
  • Crisis monitoring and customer support: Monitor crisis trigger words in real time and provide first touch response and triage via local experts.
  • Product and business intelligence: What’s your digital market share? What’s your brand health? Are your services satisfactory enough? How can you improve your services and products?
  • Market research: Analyse and test your marketing campaigns, product development ideas, and advertisements to increase the efficiency of your marketing efforts and reduce adaptability costs.

By engaging Lionbridge’s global social media management services, you gain immediate expertise in all markets, improved brand consistency, and local relevance, from start to finish.

Our 24/7 service model increases cost efficiency by reducing production and response time, something most agencies cannot manage. Not only that, you can take advantage of our linguistic expertise and in-market specialists to ensure your message gets adapted for use in any cultural setting.

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