Multilingual SEO Services

To create a successful multilingual SEO strategy you need to understand the differences in online searching around the world. You also need the infrastructure to support marketing on a global scale.

Increase web leads by boosting global search rankings

When performing keyword research for your company’s website localisation, thousands of branded and unbranded keywords should be evaluated. The most important keywords (the ones that will generate the largest quantity and quality of website traffic) should rise to the top.

Once these “must-win” keywords are identified, each word on the list should be individually examined to determine if it should be organically optimised. That means those keywords will all:

  • Be part of a longer-term strategy of at least six months
  • Tend to be more generic and unbranded
  • Be tailored for searchers to catch them at the beginning of their journey and direct them into your marketing funnel

Boost Global SEO with knowledge, planning, execution, and tracking

At Lionbridge, our SEO transcreation, localisation, and keyword research services can help you with multilingual search marketing, both SEO and PPC in all languages. By combining several markets and languages into a single project, you will gain cost and time efficiencies, while also getting high-quality results from the content’s initial launch.

You’ll gain these efficiencies by working with our existing global network of in-country linguists. We don’t subcontract to local agencies; they only add cost and complexity through the multiple interfaces involved. Your content never leaves our hands, so your brand voice, messaging, and equity will always be consistent.

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