Transcreation Services

When you need to strengthen a brand in an existing market, or build a brand in a new market, transcreation ensures your messaging will resonate as strongly and accurately as possible in the new locales.

Transcreate your Ideas for Multinational Markets

Tailoring your message to multiple markets and connecting with local audiences is a complex undertaking. Transcreation involves taking the essence of an idea and adapting it within whatever cultural context your multinational market demands.

The source content will change substantially in the process, but the essential message will stay intact.

What is transcreation? Transcreation is a localization method that:

  • Generates the same emotional response as intended in the source language
  • Creates copy that evokes locally relevant emotional engagement, moving beyond direct translation of source content

Through language expertise and a global operating model, Lionbridge can transcreate your content so it resonates in any language. We can be your single global partner to support all markets, providing guidance on content strategy and creation.

We can also collaborate with your creative agencies, in-country teams, and brand managers to ensure transcreated content maintains the original messaging intent.

Choosing right type of translation

case study

Transcreation and Translation: Case Study


One of the world’s largest and most popular cruise lines has to constantly change and update their content. Why? To ensure each market gets a highly localized experience throughout the traveler lifecycle (dreaming, researching, booking, cruising, post-travels). Addressing the recipient in his/her own language adds to the persuasiveness of the content, which is proven to be one of the most successful marketing strategies.

This client engaged us to translate and transcreate marketing brochures into 8 different languages while ensuring scalability and quality. Since the company produces most of their major marketing materials only once a year, much of the work we do happens all at once, under tight deadlines.

The eye-catching brochure taglines have a personalized feel. And our transcreations contribute to the creation of a distinctive brand voice across all languages. The client has been very pleased with the results and continues to engage Lionbridge with further work across the entire company.

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"Some localization experts not only adapt web content to cater to national or regional market preferences, but may also recreate or “transcreate” advertising and marketing campaign messaging to maximize cultural appeal"

The Difference Between Translation and Localization for Multilingual Website Projects [Definitions] 7/28/2015