Global Website Operations

Even in just a single language, website management and operations are complex. These challenges increase when you maintain multiple websites around the world. Lionbridge’s Global Website Operations help simplify the localization, publishing, and management of your global sites.

Ease complexity by offloading global web operations

You need to offer a high-quality web experience in several languages. But if your web team isn’t staffed to handle multilingual website management, how do you manage?

Global Website Operations is an outsourcing solution that combines the translation and localization of your web content with the management, publishing, and often full operational responsibilities of your international websites.

Because of our deep experience in language and translation, we can make sure your brand messaging will resonate everywhere. We don’t just publish a page and assume it’s going to work in every market. We’ll work to ensure each iteration of the page is adjusted for nuance in each cultural context.

With Lionbridge’s outsourced website management solution, you’ll:

  • Meet marketing’s agile needs for rapid turnaround
  • Maintain a customized and locally-relevant user experience
  • Support each core region in your international go-to-market strategy
  • Address the challenges of content globalization and global digital marketing

And you can do all this without changing your systems and policies—or hiring additional staff.

You’ll also get better, faster, and cheaper operations from our scale and global presence. That’s because we have teams in different time zones around the world, which gives you the advantage of a 24-hour work cycle. You ask us to change pages on a Monday afternoon and wake up Tuesday morning with the pages ready to review.

Global Website Operations may be right for you if you have:

  • Large, content-rich websites
  • Local marketing teams requesting regional-specific content
  • Website redesign or (re)launch projects
  • A transition to a new CMS or other web technology
  • Internal re-structuring or downsizing of web resources
  • Substantial amounts of customizable content
case study

Global Website Operations: Case Study


A global beverage retailer was re-launching their site and moving to a new WCM to deploy their global content. Localization was a particular challenge in that content needed to be re-integrated into Sitecore, while at the same time, homepage updates, global product information, and seasonal campaigns had to be maintained.

Lionbridge performed an assessment of their web publishing and localization process in a series of onsite and phone interviews. As a result of our findings, we:

  • Implemented best practices, which were documented and made accessible to the client’s team
  • Implemented a ticketing system for global web operations management

US and global sites are now managed and maintained through Lionbridge’s Web Operations team. We also localize the client’s news sites and provide content updates in 27 markets.

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