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Achieving Better Patient Outcomes through Quality Clinical Trial Translations

Regulatory updates and best practices for clinical trial sponsors

Clinical trial regulations and best practices for achieving better patient outcomes are ever-changing. Lionbridge’s life science translation experts have been publishing a series of blogs with the latest information on regulatory updates and best practices that clinical trial sponsors need to know as they strive for optimized patient outcomes. Read our posts to learn more about how to meet clinical trial translation requirements, tactics for more effective informed consent procedures, how to use pharmaceutical translation for more accessible clinical trial results, strategies for writing and sharing more effective patient communications, how to use life sciences translation services when planning for multi-regional clinical trials, and more.

Infographic: Better Patient Outcomes Via Clinical Trial Translation

Guidance and best practices

Review our popular blogs about improving patient outcomes below.

eCOA Providers Case Study:

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA) projects must meet the intensive research standards and timelines of clinical research. Learn more about Lionbridge’s new workflow, which reduces the administrative burden and translation timelines for clinical trial sponsors.

Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials:

Read our life sciences translation services experts’ perspectives on the challenges of multilingual and multi-regional clinical trials. Understand how language solutions can assist with improving patient communications and outcomes and meeting rigorous language quality requirements.

Tactics for More Diverse Clinical Trial Recruitment: 

To improve clinical trial results and efficacy, clinical trial sponsors must diversify their clinical trial recruitment. This goal requires a deeper understanding of the reasons why patients and caregivers in minority groups are more hesitant to enroll and participate in clinical trials. Lionbridge’s experts draw on summaries from the FDA Patient Listening Sessions and offer actions clinical trial sponsors can take to diversify their participant recruitment. Language plays a crucial role in thoughtful patient engagement.

Clinical trial site staff inputting data

Enhancing Informed Consent Communications: 

Informed consent is foundational for a successful clinical trial and better patient outcomes. Read our blog post to learn about various groups’ perspectives and recommendations for obtaining informed consent, including researchers, patient organizations, and regulatory bodies.

Language Planning Guidance for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials and ICH E17: 

Understanding the ICH E17 is vital for better patient outcomes. Lionbridge outlines its basic tenets and provides five essential tips for language planning in multi-regional clinical trials.

Communication Challenges of Decentralized Clinical Trials: 

Lionbridge shares recommendations for developing a language strategy for multi-regional Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs). Learn why communication and language are essential with reduced in-person contact and diverse communication settings — and how to address potential challenges.

Strong communication between clinical researchers and patients

Writing Clinical Trial Results for Multi-Regional Clinical Trials: 

Producing clinical trial results that are easily accessible and appealing to patients can improve patient outcomes and recruitment significantly. Get guidance for writing more effective clinical trial result summaries.

Patient-Reported Outcome Data Collection:

Patient-reported outcome (PRO) assessments are valuable tools for measuring and including the patient voice in the medical product development process. Understand how life sciences translation service providers, like Lionbridge, can assist with PROs for multilingual and multi-regional clinical trials.

Technology Training for Clinical Trial Participants:

More clinical trials than ever are incorporating computerized systems and digital health tools. Adequate, effective technology training for clinical trial participants has become essential for achieving better patient outcomes. Learn best practices and tips in our blog post.

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Need life sciences translation to assist with your clinical trial planning and execution? Lionbridge’s clinical trial translation experts can help you take steps to achieve better patient outcomes at every stage of drug development. Contact us today to find out how we can offer support as your life sciences language service provider of choice.

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