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Machines Are Your Friends: The Future is Now

Why AI should not be viewed as a threat to the language business

The New Age of an AI-Powered Localization Industry

If you’re asking whether AI can produce translations that are equivalent to human translations, you’re asking the wrong the question. Instead, Lionbridge leaders challenge you to examine AI in a wider context—like how it can help produce content in low-resource languages, among other initiatives, to build cultural bridges.  

As the localization industry enters a new technology-driven shift powered by AI, Lionbridge anticipates the ability to scale to meet demand, but only if we think differently about things like quality.      

Thanks to major advances in artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve arrived at the next key inflection point that will cause tremendous change, disruption for many and tremendous opportunity for those who recognize and capitalize on it. 

Read this article, which is cross-posted from the November/December issue of, to learn how AI will help the language industry further achieve the goal it has had all along—to enable people to connect, communicate, and conduct business globally. 

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Jaime Punishill and Will Rowlands-Rees
Jaime Punishill and Will Rowlands-Rees