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A cruise ship

How Lionbridge Helped Drive Digital Transformation and Increase Customer Engagement for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Creating a more personalized experience for travelers across the globe

Charting the Course to Success 

Every year, 5.3 million travelers from around the world set sail with Royal Caribbean for exotic destinations. But perhaps the most important destination is royalcaribbean.com, where travelers can explore the company's extraordinary range of ships, activities and ports of call—then book their dream vacation.

Since 2008, Lionbridge has helped Royal Caribbean translate their content into 7 different languages over 14 regions supporting customers in 243 countries. When the brand recently decided to modernize its global content platform, they tapped Lionbridge as their digital transformation partner. The goal: to centralize all site content in one place, optimize translation workflows and enhance the user experience to drive traffic and sales.

Watch our video case study here, and read the case study below to learn more. 

In the case study, find out:

  • How our proprietary Lionbridge Connector for Adobe Experience Manager allows Royal Caribbean to request, receive and deploy all global site content from one centralized place
  • How Lionbridge's solution translated 1500+ pages of Royal Caribbean's existing content in just four months
  • How this content helped drive major increases in clickthrough rate, organic search impressions and global clicks
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