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International Content: Monetising Global Content Assets and Measuring Success

Based on a survey of global businesses, and a series of interviews with senior executives working for international organisations, this report looks at the role that a global content strategy plays in helping companies to expand their international brand footprint, while simultaneously seeking to improve the customer experience and increase their revenues.

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Econsultancy Lionbridge Report International Content 2017

Design. Deadlines. Deployment. KPIs. Metrics. Lionbridge knows that marketing campaign management becomes even more complex when scaled globally. Simplify challenges and improve performance with a partner who can help you manage global marketing campaign operations.

Efficient Marketing Campaign Management

Global campaign operations is the process of managing, producing, and delivering marketing content through multiple channels as part of a single strategy to achieve a particular goal or objective. Not all agencies have the global experience to manage the process well.

At Lionbridge, we have the global presence and marketing expertise to provide a single point of contact for global campaign operations, offering advice and guidance across the deployment process.

By working with Lionbridge, you can benefit from our global operating model and reduce your reliance on expensive agencies. We can help you break down divisional and regional barriers within your organisation, reduce cycle time and streamline the production and delivery of global campaign content.

Our Field Engagement Managers (FEM) will:

  • Act as the first point of contact for local marketing and facilitate discussion and arbitration during a complex translation review process
  • Help you achieve campaign optimisation in every market
  • Cultivate local market knowledge, an understanding of nuance and local style, and product or service expertise

Lionbridge Field Engagement Managers represent your individual needs and requirements and help you optimise your marketing strategies while planning your global campaign.

We’ll develop a nuanced creative brief for localised campaigns that deliver your core message consistently and protect your brand integrity.

Our Global Campaign Operations team can help with:

  • Global Marketing Audits
  • Global Campaign Strategy
  • Global Content Architecture
  • Global Campaign Production
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Global Campaign Optimisation
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