A Primer for your Multilingual Financial Compliance Training Needs

 How to manage risk with engaging employee training

Anyone who has sat through an outdated human resources video knows the pain of dry, unengaging training. Stale content and poor engagement reduce learner effort and reduces the overall effectiveness of a given program. Underwhelming financial compliance training can have devastating impacts on a business through violations--even accidental ones--of anti-bribery laws like the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, or the German Anti-Corruption Act ("Gesetz zur Bekämpfung der Korruption", KorrBekG). 

Partnering with the right multilingual expert in eLearning means your business can rest easy knowing that your financial compliance curriculum is clear, accurate and up-to-date. Here are a few ways Lionbridge can support you and your team handling financial compliance. 

Scratch creation and storyboarding 

Sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a step back. For companies looking to completely revamp their training processes, Lionbridge offers a start-to-finish collaborative consulting process for financial compliance training. This option includes feedback at all stages of the process, from early ideation to release. 

This option incorporates instructional design with localization already in mind. End-to-end service like this means a smoother translation and transcreation process. Companies that plan to expand into more languages and geographies will find this option especially attractive, as it simplifies future changes. 

For companies in a rush, Lionbridge also offers accelerated development support. 

Claude Frank, Lionbridge’s Language Quality Manager, German, for the Swiss market, described the process of building an eLearning program from the ground up as an opportunity to build in efficiency.  

“When we start the process knowing pieces may need future updates or translation, we can create very modular units that accelerate changes in the future. This helps us serve our clients in the long term as well as the short term,” he said. 


Turning learning into a game is a classic teaching methodology. It improves engagement and retention and can even make the learning process enjoyable for employees. A choose-your-own adventure style of play incentivizes employees to participate. If desired, an element of competition can be added as well. 

In addition to Lionbridge’s experience in instructional design, we have a broad background in the gaming world. Put those two elements together and you get a much more exciting financial compliance training than the usual slides and voiceover. 

A consumer electronics company known best for its phones turned to Lionbridge for engaging eLearning content. We created branded 3D designs for augmented reality in addition to virtual reality experiences. Our custom games were tailored to specific products and regularly revised to keep offerings fresh. 

Rich media creation 

Visually stimulating learning supports corporate branding while again increasing the engagement opportunity for financial compliance training. The variety of learning styles means training in multiple formats will reach a greater audience. That’s why Lionbridge has in-house designers for every media format.  

From stop-motion to animation to video, the creative team at Lionbridge can provide a unified audiovisual experience for your teams around the world. And unlike that outdated live action 80’s video, illustrated media can be easily modernized to update the feel of a training as well as the content itself. 

The variety Lionbridge offers goes far beyond simple video. For one multi-year client, we regularly created virtual and augment reality that incorporated brand-specific characters and animations. 

Regulatory and platform updates 

If you’re a business that is already happy with your eLearning training content, Lionbridge can support your transition to new platforms as old ones are phased out. Our tech experts have decades of experience building solutions to connect disparate tools, and the field of financial compliance training is no different. One project took content from a platform that hadn’t been updated in more than a decade and migrated it to a better supported technology. And because Lionbridge took the time to develop an automation tool for the process, the client benefitted from automatic import of 2,000 courses--talk about scale!  

Our content experts can also update content without changing the delivery status. When new regulations require updates to your trainings, our team’s background and decades of experience mean we can freshen your eLearning program with very little ramp-up time. 

Web-based financial compliance training requires a depth of knowledge in the field combined with technical proficiency, an understanding of didactic methods, and creativity. At Lionbridge, we can support your business in every step of that process to provide engaging content that keeps you and your employees up to speed on the latest changes in financial rules and regulations around the globe. 

Ask our experts how we can help.

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April M. Crehan
April M. Crehan