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Key Trends Driving Global Content Delivery

Going Global in a Digital World

The age of engagement and storytelling is here—for every company (B2C and B2B) worldwide. When you’re creating global content that needs to connect emotionally with prospective customers worldwide, how can you make sure your message translates?

Ensuring your original, emotionally-driven global content connects with the same enthusiasm and relevance in multiple markets is no small task. But figuring out how to do it well can endear you to untapped users in both new and existing markets.

In this webinar, Lionbridge Senior Director of Marketing Solutions Claire Goodswen and Aditya Ghule of Adobe Experience Manager discuss why and how to transform your message across markets. Take a listen to learn about:

  • Building a global governance model suited to your organization

  • Choosing which level of translation is right for specific content

  • Maintaining enthusiasm and relevance in every language

  • Modernizing your content bank to be digital-first

  • Pairing Lionbridge and AEM to manage content across customer touchpoints

View the webinar here. Interested in going global? Contact Lionbridge to learn more about how we can work together to meet your global goals.


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