Eventbrite Case Study: How Lionbridge Helped Eventbrite Provide Multilingual Customer Support

Lionbridge's support ticket translation helped Eventbrite extend their customer support into multiple languages

Eventbrite brings the world together through live experiences. From music festivals to business meetups, the online event marketplace makes it easy for organizers to create and promote events through self-service ticketing and payment solutions, as well as access to attendance tracking, entry management tools and more.

Delightful customer support and product innovation are cornerstones of Eventbrite’s offering, which processes over $1 billion in gross ticket sales per year. When Eventbrite began their expansion into Europe, their Senior Localization Program Manager turned to Lionbridge (formerly Gengo) to help their customer support team (affectionately called WeRock at Eventbrite) in Europe provide the same speedy, warm assistance in customers’ native languages.

"I've always been able to rely on getting human quality translations back within the hour, without the hassle of lengthy contracts or paperwork. It's easy, quick and reliable. That's the magic of Lionbridge."

Patrick McLoughlin, Eventbrite

Limited Resources, Many Languages

Support tickets require a human touch. While machine translation can be used to get the gist of a ticket, it can be unreliable for understanding complex requests and isn’t good for translating responses. Agency translation for thousands of tickets, however, is too slow and expensive.

Before Lionbridge, Eventbrite’s small team of native language experts handled tickets in their respective languages. However, as operations grew and language needs expanded, the team sought out a more scalable approach. To prevent support ticket volumes and response times from growing, they needed an efficient solution.

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Ticket Translation, Fast

After looking at a few other options, Eventbrite chose to use Lionbridge for help with support across French, German, Spanish and Italian. Instead of relying on machine translation and funneling tickets to different representatives based on language ability, members of their small team could now tackle tickets as they came in.

By tapping into Lionbridge’s skilled crowd of translators, Eventbrite could continue to deliver delightful service while keeping costs down. Tiered pricing allowed the team to pay only for what they needed, using one quality level for basic inquiries and another for more sensitive responses, like those around payment problems. Importantly, Lionbridge’s speed also helped Eventbrite to consistently meet their promise of a 24-hour support response time.

Going global? Get in touch to learn how our support ticket translation services can help you, too.

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