5 Trends That Will Set You Up for Success in 2019

Keep these trends in mind in 2019

Last Updated: July 3, 2019 10:29AM

The world is moving fast.

More companies go and stay global with each passing year. The combination of a shrinking world and rapidly enhanced technology has important implications for our customers across industries.

We’re here to put our globalization knowledge to work for you. As you craft (and revise, and re-craft) your 2019 plans, keep these five trends in mind to set your business up for success.

In the following e-Book, we discuss what’s on our collective mind this year at Lionbridge. In short, think more. More languages. More channels. More automation. More simplification. More uses of NMT. More transparency.

Want to know more?

Download our the e-Book today, and let us know what’s on your minds as we head into Q2 of 2019.

5 Trends That Will Set You Up for Success in 2019

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