Global Clinical Solutions

Clinical trials are more complex than ever. From start-up to patient recruitment to endpoint documentation, the entire process is incredibly demanding. Partner with Lionbridge to simplify global clinical trial management across languages and cultures.

Accurate translation for clinical trials

Translating clinical trial documents is not just a question of language and dialect. It requires a particular level of rigor and experience. It’s vital to understand both the language of patients and investigators as well as meet the technical demands of the trial.

Rely on Lionbridge Life Sciences throughout the full life cycle of clinical trials:

  • Study Start-up: During this critical phase, country-specific regulatory bodies need to approve a study administered in their country. Not only that, test sites need to be on-boarded, trained, and verified. Speed and careful coordination with the contract research organization (CRO) is essential. You can ensure fast and accurate turnarounds with Lionbridge Life Sciences project managers. We’ll actively manage and track all documents and timelines during the start-up phase.
  • Patient Recruitment: Due to many regulations relating to patient safety, initial source and translated content given to patients before and during a trial are subject to additional scrutiny. Our expert in-country resources, both medical and legal, handle these translations and back translations (when needed) quickly to minimize finalization and IRB approval times.
  • Critical-timing Documents: Documentation such as Adverse Events and Endpoint Documents must be translated within extremely short turnaround time with absolutely no room for linguistic error. Our specialized workflows and resource sets for these documents deliver on both counts.

Our Solution

Lionbridge Life Sciences uses only SME-level linguistic resources, including licensed physicians and clinicians. This prevents translation issues caused by using less experienced general medical translators.

We have more than 10,000 expert resources in more than 240 language combinations. We can on-board new customers and scale volumes 10-fold in a year without impact to turnaround and quality KPIs.

In addition, we provide dedicated project managers and production teams for Clinical Programs. When you use Lionbridge Life Sciences for clinical trials translation, you get our full capability from start to finish.

Our CRO Clients

We're honored to partner with some of the world's leading CRO organizations, including:

  • PRA Health Sciences
  • INC Research
  • PAREXEL International
  • PPD Global
  • ICON Clinical Research