Global Medical Device Solutions

As a medical device manufacturer, you have to deal with many complex issues: international research and development, clinical trials across multiple geographic regions, and a multitude of national and regional regulations. Having a partner with experience in both translation and medical devices is essential.

Medical device translation services

In the past, most medical devices were initially developed, approved, and marketed in one country before being selected for sales in other countries. Now, products are conceived from the start with global market potential.

Every phase of the device lifecycle demands expert language support including development, trials, approval, product software and documentation, marketing, and customer support.

Lionbridge Life Sciences has deep experience with every aspect of the medical device industry and can provide proven language translation solutions at any phase of your product lifecycle or day-to-day business.

This might include:

  • Facilitation of internal communication between teams
  • Product training/documentation
  • Clinical trial documentation
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Software localization and testing
  • Customer service documentation
  • Country-specific marketing translation and transcreation
  • Multimedia localization
  • Legal translation

The Lionbridge difference 

Lionbridge Life Sciences has been a leader in medical device translation and language support for 20 years. In addition,

  • We’ve consistently out-performed customer defined quality and timeliness KPIs.
  • We have our own resource management department managed separately from Lionbridge with over 10,000 linguistic resources wholly dedicated to working with the Life Sciences division.
  • We maintain resourcing at 50% or above historic and anticipated spikes.

We’ve developed and refined our technology over the last 12 years to fit the business and compliance needs of our medical device customers. So there’s no need for you to purchase stand-alone or redundant systems.

With our technology, you’ll maintain complete executive control of your assets, business intelligence, KPIs, and workflows. Use of our core technology is free while you are an active translation customer of Lionbridge Life Sciences.

case study

Global Medical Device Solutions: Case Study


A large global medical imaging manufacturer faced new government reporting requirements for review of critical customer communications where patients may have been at risk.

The communications contained several hundred thousand words documented in numerous hospital systems in over 20 languages. And when it comes to patient incidence reporting, the FDA requires single-format, English-content submissions a few days (or even hours) after identification.

We developed a custom translation model and workflow that combined translation memory and machine translation. We also deployed a real-time connector to enable an automated, continuous stream of content pushed out to translation.

The fully automated process can handle a capacity of 500,000 words (with peaks of 1 million+ words) per week in 21 languages translated to English. The result has been a 99.5% score on agreed turnaround times past four years with full FDA reporting compliance.

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