Lionbridge Aurora AI™:

Translation Management Reimagined.

Lionbridge Aurora AI™:

Translation Management Reimagined.

With game-changing workflow automation for an unparalleled connection to your global markets.

Enter a Gateway to a World of Possibility With Our Content Orchestration Platform

Using cutting-edge technology, the platform turbocharges content creation, translation, and localization with workflow automation that achieves unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Auroras are awe-inspiring light displays that captivate viewers worldwide. Similarly, the Lionbridge Aurora AI orchestration platform empowers companies to captivate and connect with people globally.

This transformative tool delivers impactful content with newfound efficiency by automating production intelligence at scale. Our new AI-enabled Translation Management System (TMS) leverages advanced technology to provide new insights, a clear vision, and a focused approach to global content management and creation.

Embark on a journey of enlightenment and discovery with Aurora AI.


The Next Leap in Content Delivery Technology

Aurora AI streamlines processes at scale by combining the latest generative AI (GenAI) technology with the smart allocation of human expertise to areas making the most significant impact.

While workflow engines are nothing new, what makes Aurora AI different is composable orchestration. This unique capability provides us with the agility to adjust any process quickly. It means that you can commit to the innovations of today’s technology, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be the first to benefit when the next technological advancement comes. 

Aurora AI orchestrates, automates, and optimizes workflows for localization and beyond to deliver content at extraordinary efficiency.

For Translation and Localization

The automated content transformation system ingests source content, decides what process it needs, and then executes production faster and more efficiently than ever before. By orchestrating the right blend of machine, artificial, and human intelligence, Aurora AI transforms your content seamlessly, delivering the right content outcomes to you at the right speed and price. As technology evolves, so do your processes, which come together seamlessly via Aurora AI.

For Non-Localization Projects

Aurora AI orchestrates automated workflows and uses big data to drive decisioning. It applies repeatable workflow templates to multiple use cases to orchestrate prompt engineering, LLM response assessment, clinical authoring, video and audio enrichment, and more. While simplification can be complex, Aurora AI sets itself apart by ensuring the process of evolution feels simple.


See AI in Action: Three Case Studies

A Multifaceted Approach for Superior Content Outcomes

The Power of AI

Aurora AI’s AI technology enables companies to provide a consistent brand voice across channels. By effectively speaking with customers on all channels, brands engender trust, promote engagement, build long-lasting relationships, and ultimately sustain growth.

Understanding, scoring, tagging, and optimizing source content is the fulcrum for localizing everything. Aurora AI incorporates and builds on our Smart Content™ solution, which uses the latest advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI to assess 120+ attributes, such as bias and readability, automatically.

A Vast Community That Cares for Your Content

Aurora AI connects your content to the Lionbridge Language Community™, one of the largest communities on the market. Members from 150+ countries are ready to work on your content. Want to translate from a long-tail language? Need simultaneous interpretation of English into Chinese? Want to get your video subtitled into Swahili? Our language community has you covered.

Next-Level Efficiency

Aurora AI utilizes numerous Machine Translation (MT) engines to bring you the best results with the greatest efficiency. MT quality has dramatically improved, but no single MT engine is best for all domains, language pairs, or use cases. Smart MT™ is the only enterprise-grade platform that marries multiple MT engines, MT methodologies, purpose-built customized training, and omnichannel integrations. One platform supports your localization workflows, real-time customer support, and internal translation needs. Train once. Use everywhere. Be a step ahead, always.

Hyper-Connectivity to All Content Sources

Aurora AI helps companies overcome the complexity associated with elaborate technology stacks. While numerous, interconnected systems that power content journeys support digital-first business needs, they add complexity to the process. As a result, companies find it increasingly difficult to keep track of content and achieve efficiency. Aurora AI uses a portfolio of partners and integrations to lessen the burdens associated with a complex tech stack.

Language Quality for Winning Digital Experiences

Aurora AI’s flexibility enables you to translate each piece of content at varying quality levels — and with differing speed and cost — to keep your brand voice consistent for enhanced customer experiences. You’ll translate terms once to create Translation Memories (TMs), glossaries, and style guides. Aurora AI will automatically apply these linguistic assets throughout the platform to ensure brand voice consistency across all digital channels, reduce translation rework, and achieve cost savings.

Analytics for Localization Business Intelligence

Aurora AI allows you to follow your localization projects in real time, identify business trends, and make wise decisions about your localization programs based on data. It enables you to generate a bigger content and localization ROI by providing insight into your localization costs and performance. Best of all, it’s free as a part of the Aurora AI platform and Lionbridge services.


Self-Service Translation Options

Fast. Easy. Convenient.

Smart MT Portal

Do you work across many geographies and languages and need to understand foreign texts immediately? The Smart MT Portal is the tool for your enterprise.

This self-service, real-time text and document translation tool enables secure, multilingual collaboration for increased productivity. 

Gengo, A Lionbridge Company

Do you need to translate simple, ad hoc, or static content accurately for your products or activities? Gengo can help.

This online, self-service translation platform provides reliable translations by human translators for straightforward translations with ranging quality requirements to meet your specific needs.

Get a quote or order directly from Gengo today.

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