Smart MT™ Portal

An enterprise Machine Translation solution for teams working across many geographies and languages.

Making Machine Translation work for your team

Use Machine Translation technology to improve collaboration among global teams across languages and get more work done.

Machine Translation (MT) technology has been around for years but has only recently achieved high enough quality to deliver real value to businesses.

Technical advancements during the past decade have enabled businesses to go global, which has created a new set of challenges. Teams must work across geographies and languages to support their global customers.

For many businesses, using Machine Translation has become necessary, and free Machine Translations are not an option because of their security risks. We have created the Smairt MT Portal to address these challenges and increase productivity.

The Smairt MT Portal is a secure, enterprise-grade Machine Translation solution specifically designed for global teams. It helps them overcome language barriers and stay productive. It brings Machine Translation technology to enterprise environments, enabling automated translation for your organization while meeting the needs of compliance teams.

Why Choose the Smart MT Portal


  • Easy-to-use, intuitive portal
  • Native support for many commonly used file formats 
  • Support for glossaries and Do Not Translate (DNT) lists to tailor translations to your brand voice
  • Transparent pricing that consists of one monthly subscription fee for unlimited users and no extra costs


  • Available 24/7
  • Self-service and instantaneous submissions 
  • Instantaneous automated translations
  • Application Programming Interface (API) to fully integrate into your environment


  • Ability to select one or many Machine Translation engines offered by leading vendors
  • Ability to switch between MT vendors whenever you wish
  • No data leakage, as the content submitted is used only to process translations 
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Data processed only for translation
  • Single Sign On (SSO) capability for simplified access control

How a Leading Aerospace Technology Company Used the Smart MT Portal

What do you do when 180,000 global employees who speak nine different languages must communicate quickly and efficiently? A major aerospace technology company faced this challenge. It found an effective solution — and translated more than 750,000 words per month — with Lionbridge’s Smart MT Portal. 

Smart MT Portal’s Three Tiers of Service

Select the tier that best meets your company’s needs.


For whom is this tier best suited?    

Teams that need occasional translations and require access to either the Smart MT Portal or an Application Programming Interface (API) but not to both at the same time 

What’s the processing capacity? 

Up to 1M words per month


For whom is this tier best suited?   

Teams that require access to the Smart MT Portal and an API 

What’s the processing capacity?

Up to 10M words per month


For whom is this tier best suited?  

Large enterprises that want to enable automated translations for their entire global workforce and require access to the Smart MT Portal and an API 

What’s the processing capacity?

Up to 20M words per month

Looking for Other Options? Consider One of Our Other Recommended Service Models.

The Smairt MT Portal works best for enterprise users that need automated translations instantaneously to understand content. If you want a simple document translation service or require support for more extensive localization programs, consider one of the following options.


A self-service translation platform that works best for teams that need to translate general business documents quickly but want to avoid the complexities of managing individual translators. 

Get started

Lionbridge Cloud

A managed localization service that works best for teams that need external production to standardize their localization workflows and extend their capability to handle large, recurring content streams using state-of-the-art technology and localization workflows. It comes with access to the Lionbridge Language Cloud™ localization platform and a wealth of localization services and connectivity options. 

Have more questions about our service models? Reach out for help selecting the best solution.

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