A Better Way To Move Your Content

Effortlessly connect your content to the most advanced localization platform. 

No More Copy & Paste. End Manual Uploads.

Use connectivity capabilities to flawlessly transfer your content to Lionbridge’s platform, no matter where it is stored in your organization.

Business leaders must quickly communicate with their global audiences to succeed in today’s digital-first environment. The ability to create, localize, and deliver content and digital experiences across digital channels and languages in every market is critical to their success.

We use multiple connectivity connectivity technologies to enable you to easily deliver your content to localization workflows, translators, and SMEs, no matter where it is stored. Whether you use one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMSs), Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, Product Information Management (PIM) systems, specialized workflow systems for regulated industries, or cloud storage systems, you can quickly plug into our platform without difficulty.

Companies working with homegrown or specialized systems may also quickly integrate into the Lionbridge universe of language services through one of our robust connectors, rich content APIs, or custom integrations.


Integration Methods for Automatization

It used to be tough to retrieve your content from your CMS, DAM, or PIM. You would have to spend hours copying and pasting text and exporting your content manually. Things never seemed to work out as intended. Manually extracting content from different systems and converting it to more localization-friendly formats often caused delays and errors, which would drive up costs. Those days are over.

Our platform helps you helps you effortlessly move content from your native environments, transform it, and get it back to its original system with ease. There are numerous ways for you to connect. Let us help you do it so you can start localizing everything.


Lionbridge connectors provide an easy way to integrate Lionbridge into your working environment. You can integrate the leading CMSs, DAMs, PIMs, cloud storage systems, and specialty content workflow systems for regulated industries (Relativity®, Veeva) to our platform.

Our Platform API

Our robust API enables you to connect your homegrown app or working environment to our platform. It allows you to reach a wealth of localization and translation services and access dedicated services without expensive integrations to inflexible third-party systems.

Smart MT API

Our communication API enables you to integrate directly with our Smart MTTM solution, which works well in all customer success and support systems. Get real-time translations seamlessly during live customer interactions because we understand that customer communications must be immediate, no matter what language they speak. The pandemic heightened the importance of providing an exceptional, global workforce experience. Our real-time communications API supports and enables these experiences. Get an edge in hiring and retaining your global workforce by engaging with them in their language, on their terms. 

Our Platform Portal

Our platform portal enables you to translate a snippet of text or part of a file. You can grant access to your team or department and manage your localization spend. Enable fully automated workflows or use our review & release capabilities to manage what is translated and how it is translated.

Smart Content™ API

Access the Smart Content API and harness the power of Lionbridge language AI to greatly improve the quality of your content. With API integration, our language AI helps you detect and assign important properties and attributes, powering continuous quality checks for errors, automations, and much more. 

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables us to extract content from any system by simulating user behavior. This is a convenient solution when content is locked in a legacy system or Translation Management System (TMS), and there is no other way to integrate. 


Content Management System Integration: Is it Right for Your Business?

Companies are faced with having to localize larger volumes of content in more languages across more digital channels than ever before. These pressures can put a strain on your resources. Content Management System (CMS) integration can help. Connecting directly to your translation provider enables you to eliminate complexity and gain firm control over your high-volume, time-sensitive translation projects.

Supported Systems

Content Management Systems

Adobe Experience Manager

Oracle Service Cloud





eCommerce Platforms 

SAP Hybris

SalesForce Commerce Cloud

Marketing Automation

Oracle Compendium

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Responsys


Digital Asset Management







SalesForce Service Cloud






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