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Services That Ensure Language Quality for a Consistent Brand Voice

Use your existing linguistic assets or work with our linguistic teams to create these assets for use in the Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud™ to achieve a unique brand voice at the speed, cost, and quality levels best suited for each piece of content.

Language Quality That Drives Engagement

Use consistent terminology management to craft a unique brand voice that captivates your audiences. 

Language is an essential part of digital experiences. Your global customers will evaluate your trustworthiness based on how effectively you use language to communicate with them. The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud’s flexibility enables you to translate each piece of content at varying quality levels — and with differing speed and cost — to keep your brand voice consistent for enhanced customer experiences and stronger relationships.   

Low-quality Translations Can Affect Overall Search Performance, Says Google Webmaster Trends Analyst

Good translation is good for business. Don’t just take our word for it. Find out Google’s perspective on the relationship between translation and search. Hint: Quality translation in every language positively impacts the search performance of your webpage.

Harness the Laⁱnguage Cloud’s Capabilities and Benefit From Linguistic Curation by Topnotch Language Experts

Language Quality Services

Get an independent linguistic quality assessment of your content across all your content streams with our Language Quality Services (LQS). Trained linguists provide language quality assurance by using their linguistic expertise and standardized quality metrics to evaluate and generate quality scores.

Terminology Management

Use unique terminology consistently for your content, products, or brands across all digital channels with Lionbridge’s terminology management capabilities. The Lionbridge Laⁱnguage Cloud platform helps you achieve this by improving your source content, enabling you to use your Translation Memories (TMs), glossaries, and style guides, and providing automated checks. You can use existing linguistic assets, or our linguistic teams can help you create new assets.

Global Brand Voice Management

Create a singular global brand voice that distinguishes your company from others and makes a lasting impression. Our global brand voice management services drive the usage and consistent enforcement of your glossaries during production to help you develop a unique language style.

Smaⁱrt Content™ Language AI

Discover more about your content and improve it with our Smaⁱrt Content language AI. It provides content governance by automatically assessing 120+ content attributes at the speed you need to scale.  With our best-in-class language AI for quality control, you’ll be able to produce more content of higher quality to better resonate with your customers and achieve enhanced SEO performance.


Translation Memory Management and Language Data Curation

Create linguistic assets that enhance the efficiency and quality of your translations with our Translation Memory (TM) management and language data curation.

Instead of repeatedly translating the same content, you’ll translate terms once and reuse these assets across the Laⁱnguage Cloud platform to increase the consistency of your brand voice across all digital channels. Consistent TM management reduces translation rework and costs.

Why Is Language Quality Important?

Language quality is the foundation on which you can reliably build your brand voice. To successfully execute language quality initiatives, you must carefully create TMs, a Do Not Translate (DNT) list, style guides, and glossaries before localization takes place.

When you produce the terminology required for a consistent brand voice, you enable the framework of your linguistic assets to support the quality of your content throughout its lifecycle.

A long-term and consistent approach to quality builds on itself, reducing rework costs and increasing time for you to devote to other initiatives. You can expect numerous benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about language quality? Here are the answers to some of the questions our customers frequently ask.

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