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Rebranding a Global Company [PODCAST]

An interview with CMO Jaime Punishill

What does it take to rebrand a global company?

Take it from us: it’s both an art and a science.

Savvy marketing leaders need to understand the ecosystem in which they will rebrand their companies. That means intuiting—at the most basic level—the intellectual and emotional reactions of their teams, of their current customers, and of the customers they have not yet imagined.

It means planting their feet firmly in the ground of their beginning while relentlessly pursuing their future—while having the flexibility and wisdom to know the path to that north star will certainly be winding.

It means understanding that today, every company with a digital presence is global—whether it wants to be or not. It means seizing the opportunity that accompanies that truth.

And it means understanding people—both those with whom they work, and those whom they want to reach with their brand, their message, and their vision.

A successful rebrand takes all of these things and more. Learn more about our CMO Jaime Punishill’s approach to rebranding on this podcast from Sweetfish Media, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

You can listen to the podcast via Sweetfish Media or on iTunes.

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