Meet the Pride: Jerry Wish

Meet Lionbridge Legal General Manager Jerry Wish

Name: Jerry Wish (though my driver’s license says “Jerold”)


Jerry Wish Lionbridge



Hometown/Lionbridge Office:

Short Hills, NJ / Lionbridge New York office



Job Title:

General Manager, Lionbridge Legal



How long have you been at Lionbridge?

A grand total of six weeks or so.



What does a typical work day look like for you?

Busy as [___] and diverse. Meeting with our great Legal teams, working with our exceptional “Legal Leaders,” and learning from Legal customers and other great members of the "Pride"



What is your favorite place in your office?

Actually, it’s where I sit up on 17. Bright, sunny, and I can open the window and smell all of the great NYC “street smells” (chicken shawarma, etc.).



What is the best part of your job?

Getting the opportunity to work every day with our amazing, passionate, talented, and incredibly dedicated team at Lionbridge Legal.




Fill in the blanks:




My favorite local saying is...

As a born and bred New Yorker, it would certainly be something impolite about Boston sports, but I’m a nice guy and would never say such a thing … 😊



A tourist visiting my city shouldn’t miss…

The best sushi in NYC compares with some of the best of Japan!



My coworkers would say my weirdest habit is…

I haven’t known my coworkers long enough to take any flak on weird habits. My wife and kids tell me that my hair is too short.



Outside of work, I always make time for...

Working out every morning. Peloton when I am home; some type of substitute when I travel.



The best piece of career advice I've ever received is...

There is nothing more powerful in business than a great team working together toward a common goal.



My hidden talent is...

Yodeling (not really…In fact, I have never yodeled…but someone at Lionbridge has to be a good yodeler, right?).



University of Michigan sports makes me roar.

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