All About Customer Experience: Adobe Summit EMEA Recap

Designing exceptional experiences across industries

Our team just returned from Adobe Summit EMEA in London last week. To put it simply: we were impressed. The Adobe team demonstrated incredible organization. The event's eloquent speakers inspired us. And the wide range of attendees, who hailed from all different industries (travel and hospitality, legal, finance…the list goes on) brought the event to life.

Mostly, though, we were impressed and inspired by the unifying theme of the summit: exceptional customer experience. What it looks like, why it’s important, and how to create it.

Who cares about customer experience?

From our vantage point as a global communications platform, we work with customers in a wide range of industries. And we see that customer experience is a unifying thread across them all. Now more than ever, customers from travel to auto, finance to tech crave personalization. They request customized systems, appreciate a well-designed user experience, and expect companies to be accessible, communicative, and understanding—in their native languages, no less.

In short, good customer experience matters to them. Now that customers have more options than ever when it comes to vendors and partners, getting customer experience right should matter to brands, too.

And so, conference sessions centered on optimizing the customer experience abounded. One session that caught our eye focused on personalizing the experience for travelers. Another seemed to treat employees as customers and centered on recruiting candidates by creating and promoting an engaging company culture.

Thus, a central takeaway: no matter what “customer” you target—from the global traveler to the prospective employee—you need to anticipate and react to high expectations for a personalized and engaging experience.

Designing customer-focused experiences

In an April post on the Adobe blog, Sabina Stasser, Head of Brand Marketing for Adobe Europe, wrote, “Customer expectations are high—we have infinite choice, the cost of switching products and services has never been more affordable, and it only takes one bad experience (I am sure you still remember your last one) to make the move.”

With this atmosphere in mind, Adobe Summit focused on exploring the different ways companies can put their customers first and design memorable experiences at every step.

This relentless focus on the customer is one of the reasons we’re proud to partner with Adobe. At Lionbridge, enabling businesses to connect deeply with their customers is what we do. We help customers across industries bridge language, cultural, or other gaps that separate them from their customers. We break barriers and build bridges, helping to improve the experience for our customers’ customers on a daily basis.

Our AI-powered tools for Adobe, like our Integrations for Adobe Experience Manager and for Marketo, allow customers to adapt and deploy high-performing content to global audiences. Our translation and localization expertise ensures the understanding and relevance our customers’ customers demand.

Plus, our tools allow us to give our own customers a better experience. By using our tools, customers can infuse translation capabilities directly into the Adobe tools and products they already use and love. They can complete translation and localization work without ever leaving the Adobe platform. They can enjoy the experience of ensuring enhanced CX for their multilingual customers. And we see that as a win-win.

Thanks, Adobe!

In short, the “customer” experience of an Adobe Summit attendee was excellent. From the spot-on sessions to the bustling exhibit hall to the top-notch networking, Summit was a smash. Our team was thrilled to connect with innovative, customer-focused brands from all over the world in London last week. Thank you to the Adobe team for hosting an incredible event, and thank you to the attendees who spoke with and inspired us.

Interested in learning more about Lionbridge solutions for Adobe? Learn more here or reach out to us to start a conversation.


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